Historic Markington

A photographic record of the village in days gone by

Low Mill - Markington Hall Grounds

It is believed that Low mill, situated in the grounds of Markington Hall, was built by the Wilberforce family in the early 1800's and remains in their ownership up to the present day.

The Ross family were tenants at Low Mill, trading as J.Ross & Sons from the early 1900's up until 1967. Joseph Ross was the initial tenant, with it later being passed to three of his children, Robert, Arthur and Annie Ross.

Low Mill was a fully working water mill up until the end of the Ross tenancy. It predominantly produced animal feed for the local area with the water being supplied by a mill race split off from Markington beck.

The small building was later altered, with the doorway being widened to convert it into a garage to house a Austin pickup used as a general runabout. The other half of the building (behind the boy in the image) was converted into an office.

Following the closure of the business in '67, a sale was held to sell off the tenants equipment, however the original water wheel and workings remain virtually untouched.

Water supplying the water mill was controlled by a sluice gate located to the rear of the smaller building pictured below.
A further sluice gate was situated to the rear of Markington institute at the head of the mill race where it split off from the main stream.

Low Mill Markington
View of Low Mill Pre-1940s

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